Question: Blamish

I have blemishes around my eyes that make me look like I was beaten up. My skin is very dry and I’d like to know what I should use to remove the blemishes and improve the dryness.


I’m so sorry you are battling with this problem. Here is what I suggest. Neostrata makes a great product called Problem Dry Skin Cream. I have many great reports on this product and I have even used it myself. It is also very affordable. So that is what I would recommend for you to use on the skin to sort out that dryness. You also need to make sure that you are using a good facial sunblock every single day so that your blemishes do not get worse. Now, for your eye area, we need to be sure if these are in fact blemishes, pigmentation or dark circles caused by poor drainage as we would treat these all differently. In most cases, this ugly dark rings under the eyes can be vastly improved with dermal filler, but if these are due to pigmentation, then we have an entirely different problem on our hands. Would you be able to come and see me or one of our doctors at your nearest Skin Renewal Branch? That way I’d be able to ensure you get the correct advice and treatment.

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