Question: Breakouts

Is it normal to have breakouts all over the face while using Clarity lamelle and Acnevelle? And for how will they last? I have already done 2 sessions on UV.


Thank you very much for your question. Yes, there have been a few cases where this has happened. In the majority of these cases the patients experienced a temporary adjustment period to the products, and did experience an initial “breakout period” as their skin had to take a bit of time to “accept” the product. In all these cases, the effects were transient, and almost all of them resolved and normalized within 2 weeks and then the products worked beautifully. As with any very active products, unfortunately some patients do go through a bit of an “adaptation crisis” while their skins are adjusting to the new regime. So the aim is to persevere and see through that 2 week adjustment period.

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