Question: Breakouts

I have been having crazy breakouts the last 2 months, mostly around my chin area. What would be the sudden cause for this and what would the best treatment be? In general, my skin type is a typical combination skin but I have never had constant breakouts like this.


Hi there. Thanks so much for your question. Breakouts that occur suddenly which are out of the norm can be due to any number of reasons. The 2 most common causes are 1) Stress and 2) Hormonal activity (which sometimes also occurs due to a spike in stress levels). So what you need to ask yourself is; 1) Am I undergoing any changes in terms of my stress levels? 2) Am I going through (or have I recently gone through), any sort of emotional stress? 3) Have I changed any medication or anything that could influence my hormonal activity? 4) Have I (in the last 4-8 weeks) changed anything I’m using on my skin? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have more than likely found your answer. I would suggest you get yourself on to a potent oral anti-oxidant supplement, such as Ovelle, as this will help you in combatting most of the above mentioned issues. I would also suggest that you get a good spot treatment to use in the interim to keep the breakouts under control while you are recovering (something like Active Control Gel from Lamelle’s Clarity Range). Very importantly, never forget your sunblock which you must apply every day, otherwise the breakout area can become pigmented due to being exposed to UV light.

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