Question: Burn Mark

Hi Dr Allem I recently burnt my neck with a curling iron and I still have the burn mark. My skin is medium to chocolatey and the mark is dark brown. Apart from tissue oil (which I have been using with no relief), is there anything else I can use to lighten this mark or make it fade? Thank you for your help! Hasmitha


Thanks for your question, Hasmitha. You need to use a product that is going to deal with the pigmentation of the area you’ve burnt. Unfortunately tissue oil cannot do this. In my opinion, I do not feel it is a good idea to use tissue oil on an area of skin that is exposed (ie not on areas where the skin is not covered by clothing). I would suggest the use of a product that is going to slow down the pigmentation and then every single day, you need to make sure you have put sunblock over that area to ensure you do not encourage more pigmentation. I would highly reccommend something like Lumixyl just to apply on that mark every day under your sunblock. There are other options as well, EG Lytera from Skin Medica; Enlighten from Neostrata; Brighter Concentrate from Lamelle. All of these options are available at all our Skin Renewal Branches.

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