Question: Can Anything Be Done About Milia? I Have One Near My Eye That Won’t Go Away. What Causes It?

Can anything be done about milia? I have one near my eye that won't go away. What causes it?


A milia is basically a blockage in a sebaceous or sudoriferous gland. The blockage cannot escape as it is trapped below the skin and cannot surface. So the longer you leave them, the bigger they tend to get as the blockage just gets larger and larger over time. Often, the blockage happens as there is a quite a large build-up of dead skin on the skin surface, so this is often the case with people who’ve never really taken tine to exfoliate regularly, and people who typically suffer from a dry skin. You can have them removed. It is quite a simple process, but it can be a little sore and it is really important that you go to a medical aesthetic therapist who knows exactly what they are doing. You can also start prepping your skin and improving the condition slowly by ensuring you start doing a good exfoliation at least twice a week with a good product and that you start hydrating your skin adequately. There are a few good products on the market you could use such as Lamelle’s Cathepzyme enzymatic exfoliator and their HA Serum. You could also consider Skin Medica’s Skin polisher and their Hydrating Complex.

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