Question: Can I Use An Eye-cream On My Upperlip For Wrinkles Caused (presumably) By Smoking? If I Have A Neck Cream… Can It Be Used On The Entire Face As Well? If Not, Why?

Can I use an eye-cream on my upperlip for wrinkles caused (presumably) by smoking? If I have a neck cream... can it be used on the entire face as well? If not, why?


Thank-you so much for your question. I’m going to be perfectly honest and tell you that if you already have smokers lines, the chances are that just using an over-the-counter moisturizer (regardless whether it’s a lip cream or eye cream or whatever), it is not going to make too much difference to your lip lines. You are going to need something potent like a growth factor cream or serum, and these are not available over-the-counter. Neck creams are generally formulated slightly differently to face creams (depending also on who the manufacturer is). Neck creams are generally formulated a bit more like a body preparation, as the skin on the neck and chest is different to that of the face. The face’s skin is thinner, finer, more adapted to sun exposure, and it needs more actives. Also, as you get closer to the eye area, the skin is even thinner and finer and more fragile than that of the neck and chest. So I would say it is a better idea to use a face cream and use this over your neck and chest as well, rather than use a neck cream over your face. I hope this gives you the answers you were looking for.

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