Question: Can you help me achieve this colour?

Hello Shelene, Is it possible to achieve this: ( ) colour on my hair at home at all? if you can't open the attachment, it's a caramel colour, I also like honey blonde. I've got a tanned(warm) skin tone, I'm colored but quite fair and have been wanting to go lighter for ages now. I want to avoid any yellowy color at all costs! My hair is currently medium brown, my hair texture is fine(I've got lots of it though!) and it takes to colour easily. I was thinking of using the newly advertised Revlon buttercream in a blonde shade to attempt reaching my desired look but seriously don't want my hair turning any strange colours. Could you help me with any at home recommendations? If going to a salon is my only option I'll do so. Thank you for your time


Hello it is very difficult to advise you on colour without seeing your base colour. Hair will always throw a residual pigment of a yellow or orange so my best advice is to go sit in a salon chair and ask your stylist how best to get there and how to maintain on a budget. A salon could advise you on upkeep! Remember that your hair is an outfit that you wear everyday so keep it looking good and don’t take a chance when lightening it with a box.

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