Question: Cellulite Reduction

Dear dr Maureen I have tried so many cellulite reduction creams and lotions ranging from very expensive to reasonably priced, and absolutely nothing works, in fact I notice the cellulite on my thighs getting worse each year. I have also tried Endermology - to no avail. Is there a permanent solution?


Thank-you so much for your question. It’s a great one!
Cellulite is a lifestyle condition, so unfortunately it is something you will have to treat, manage and maintain for the rest of your life. The person who finds a permanent cure for cellulite is going to be a very rich person indeed!
Unfortunately, cellulite occurs as a results of so many lifestyle factors that we are exposed to every single day (some voluntarily and some we have no control over), and there’s no way we can ever just switch all those things off EG; Smoke, polution, hormones, poor diet, lack of water intake, poor circulatory function, build up of metabolic waste and the list goes on!
So the combination of treatments, topical preparations, diet and exercise can all certainly help to reduce the condition and improve its appearance, but we will never be able to simply cure it or just take it away. I think using a combination of these and ensuring you are having the BEST treatments and using an active topical homecare product can certainly make a huge difference. We get great results in combining Velashape/Velasmooth and Carboxy therapy together with the use of a good topical (Dr Duve or Patricia Clarke). The diet and exercise and increased water intake also help to maintain your results and keep the body functioning better.

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