Question: Chemical Peels, Are They More Harmful Than Helpful? I Have A Lot Of Open Pores As Well As Scares & Was Advised To Go For A Peel To Help Improve My Skin Over Time With The Higher Percentage In Peels?

Chemical peels, are they more harmful than helpful? I have a lot of open pores as well as scares & was advised to go for a peel to help improve my skin over time with the higher percentage in peels?


Thank-you for this question, I’m very glad you asked. Chemical peels, provided they are chosen correctly, applied according to protocol, and the patient given the correct post-treatment products and precautions are absolutely fabulous! So it is essential that you are having the right peel for your specific concern/condition (it’s not a case of one peel fits all). It is also very important that you are prepared correctly, so if you are using any active products (EG products containing high amounts of Vitamin A or any prescription products), that you are correctly advised as to which products need to be stopped before your peel (and how long in advance they need to be stopped).
Your therapist MUST be properly trained. All peels have got specific treatment protocols which must be followed when performing the treatment. Then lastly, you must be given a post-care instruction sheet. What to use (or what not to use) while you are recovering from your peel; the importance of using an appropriate sun block on a daily basis; instructions on how to wash and dry and moisturize your skin etc. Provided all of these things are in place and you are having your treatment done by a reputable therapist or Doctor, you should have no problems at all. PLEASE also ensure that you have had a thorough consult before having your peel. So ensure your current routine and products and medication and allergies etc are all discussed and documented before you just let someone stick a peel on your skin. At our Skin Renewal Branches we make use of a large variety of peels as there are different products for different conditions, and we make sure all our patients have a consultation with our medical Doctors before a therapist is given the go ahead to perform any treatments on you. So just be sure you are properly cared for. I hope this has been helpful.

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