Question: Cicles Under Eyes

I have battled all my life with the dark circles under my eyes despite eating healthily. I have used every product I can get my hands on. Tried them all for 3 months then moved on to the next. Could you offer some advice?


Good day to you! Unfortunately you are one of many people in the same boat. A lot of over the counter products are not very good at helping under eye circles at all, and this is because they are not treating the cause of the problem. In most cases, I find that dark circles are caused by the skin thinning under the eyes due to loss of volume so your under eyes are always dark, sunk and tired-looking. In this case we can easily treat this with a dermal filler and a good home care product. The great thing about filler is that the results is practically instant, and you only need to do this once a year. There are good products out there that DO in fact help, one of my favourites being, Skin Medica’s Dermal Eye Repair Cream. It is available at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches.

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