Question: Clarifying Lotion Step 2 Combination Oily

I have been using Clinique 3 step combination oily for a year and a half and recently found that the clarifying lotion is burning my skin a lot and drying it out completely. I want to change it and use the Neutrogena alcohol free toner in place of my clarifying lotion. Will that be a better option for me? I'm getting a lot of redness on my cheeks now and a burning sensation I'm 25 years old Indian with fair and sensitive skin.


Thank you for your question. I think you are definately on the right track trying to change your toner, as alcohol will most certainly cause this issue you are having. If I may also suggest that you, especially with your skin type and the fact that you already sensitive… PLEASE use a very good facial sunblock. Fair, Indian skin with sensitivity is a recipe for hyperpigmentation and once you have that problem, you are really not going to be happy. I highly reccommend Heliocare SPF 50 to all my patients. Or at least just find a very good high SPF products that is not going to sensitize you even further.

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