Question: Collagen Induction Therapy

Hello, I am just about to turn 30 and have been noticing my skin ageing. I have uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles and red veins on my nose and cheeks. I have heard amazing claims about Collagen induction therapy or medical needling. Is this therapy as good as people say it is? I'm considering , Laser or chemical peel also. I know your clinic offers these treatments. Which treatment has the best results? Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you


Thank-you for your question. Medical needling is very effective provided it is being done for the appropriate concern. We do offer all these treatments you’ve mentioned at our clinics, and to be perfectly honest, the best results are achieved when these treatments are done in combination with one another as they all work synergistcally to improve and decrease the signs of ageing. We would have to take a look at your skin and decide what is best for YOU!

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