Question: Constantly Sick

Hi Lisa, I've been getting colds and flu on and off for months now, I think because I'm run down and exhausted. But this has created a vicious circle. I know exercise boosts one's immune system, but I haven't been well enough to exercise which means I'm doing no exercise, not boosting my immune system and getting fatter and fatter! Any ideas or suggestions? I take plenty of vitamins and that's not helping...


There’s nothing worse than trying to recover from flu and throwing your training efforts out the window! Your immune system can be significantly strengthened through your diet, so be sure to pack a nutritional punch by including immune-boosting foods. Garlic and ginger can be used in the plenty, stock up on herbal teas, and take in plenty of vitamin C and D. Probiotic yoghurts are important, and plenty of soluble fibre will help you recover quicker from colds and flus. In terms of training – assess your sickness. If you have symptoms above the throat – ie. runny nose and sinus – you are fine to train. It’s as soon as symptoms are below the throat – ie. coughing, fever or aches and pains that training is a no-go.

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