Question: Cosmetic vs cosmeceutical products – Which one is better for you?

What is the difference between a cosmetic and a cosmeceutical product? Can I use a combination of the two on my skin?


This is a really important question. Thank you for asking it. A cosmetic is typically any topical skin care product that can be bought from a department store or pharmacy directly off the shelf. They are generally formulated with a very low amount of active ingredients so as to protect the public when it comes to reactions, etc. A cosmeceutical on the other hand, is formulated with very high amounts of active ingredients and this is done because the products are specifically made to give faster, more “dramatic” results. However, with this comes the importance of knowing exactly how to use and combine those actives, as we do not want the user to have any negative reactions. Some cosmeceutical products are VERY active and the user then needs to be coached as to what to expect and what healing phases they will go through when using these products. For this reason, the majority of very active and very effective cosmeceuticals cannot be purchased in department stores or pharmacies. They have to be acquired from clinics and practices where there are qualified DR’s or aesthetic therapists who have specifically been trained on how to use  these products can teach clients how to use the products to achieve the best results. I would advise that if you would like to use cosmetics and cosmeceuticals together, that you consult the person who is going to be helping you with your cosmeceuticals and let them know exactly what cosmetic products you have, so that they can help you to integrate the two.

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