Question: Dark Marks

Good Day, The question I have is not actually for myself but for my husband, for the last year or so he has been getting these splotches of really dark marks around his nose and chin area. it looks like a break out of black and white heads but his skin is also extremely dry. Please advise what it could be and if there is anything he can do to get rid of it as he has been using a black head daily facial scrub but nothing seems to be working. Thank you so much and I look forward to your response. Kind Regards Wagiedah


There are a few things you need to do… 1) He has to use a good facial SPF every single day to prevent the formation of these marks. 2) He needs to use a good barrier repairing moisturiser to sort out the dryness and I would highly reccommend Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream for this purpose. If the marks that are already there do not slowly start to fade after about 6 weeks, then we may have to consider including a very active product to just deal with those dark patches for a couple of weeks, but getting the skin’s moisture level and sun protection in place ASAP is the most important! You are welcome to contact any one of our Skin Renewal branches for more information or to locate these products. Please locate your nearest branch at

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