Question: Dear Adele, I Have A Problem When It Comes To Applying Make-up, I Never Get It To Look The Way I Would Like It To Be. I Get My Colours Right But I Can’t Seem To Get The Blending In Correct. Foundation Is Always A Problem Because I Can Never Find The Right Coulor And If I Do It Feels Horrible On My Skin. Any Brand That You Could Recommend?? Thanks Jamie

Dear Adele, I have a problem when it comes to applying make-up, I never get it to look the way I would like it to be. I get my colours right but I can't seem to get the blending in correct. Foundation is always a problem because I can never find the right coulor and if I do it feels horrible on my skin. Any brand that you could recommend?? Thanks Jamie


Hi Jamie 

Make-up takes loads of practise, but can be done in an easy way. When it comes to your foundation the best way to get it to go on easily is to make sure you skin is moisturised. The more dry your skin feels the more caked on and messy your foundation will seem. A brand I personally love is Revlon Colour Stay. I found that irrespective of the other brands for my own personal use, this one takes first place. It’s creamy so it applies and blends easily and it give amazing coverage.  As for the rest of your make-up, blend, blend and blend some more. The best way is to apply the colours in small amounts and blend each layer together before applying more. When the blending correct apply small amounts of certain colours to certain areas again in small amounts to add intensity. Remember less is more when you’re layering, but the layers themselves can be countless. 

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