Question: Dear Adele, I Have Fine Hair And I’m Having Trouble In Deciding How To Style It. After I Had Washed My Hair I Use The Avon Morrocan Oil To Make It A Bit Heavier But It Lasts For One Day, After That I Have To Apply Daily To My Dry Hair – And It Looks Likes It’s Been Licked Wet. My Hair Just Goes Dry And Limpy Again . It’s At Shoulder Length And I Can Only Tie It Back. I’m So Over This Hair. Please Can You Give Me Some Advice With Adding Weight To It As Well As A Style?

Dear Adele, I have fine hair and I'm having trouble in deciding how to style it. After I had washed my hair I use the Avon Morrocan oil to make it a bit heavier but it lasts for one day, after that I have to apply daily to my dry hair - and it looks likes it's been licked wet. My hair just goes dry and limpy again . It's at shoulder length and I can only tie it back. I'm so over this hair. Please can you give me some advice with adding weight to it as well as a style?


Hello Averyl

This can be a tricky one. Fine hair unfortunately is always a catch-22, it dries easily, but is usually harder to style. To keep some body in your hair, use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner like Nioxin or Natural Mente’s Citrus shampoo that’s meant for finer hair. Both are designed tame frizz with out leaving an oil residue. Make sure that the oil you are using is for fine hair. These argon oils usually come in 2 varients: fine-normal and medium to thick hair. Apply it to your hair before you dry it and instead of using it afterward, try using a silicone or serum in a mist form. This won’t weigh your hair down, but it will keep fly aways at bay. You can try the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine as an after care styling aid and try and avoid over applying products. This also has a tendancy to coat the hair and leave it limp.  

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