Question: Dear Doctor, I Have Dark Spots On My Legs And A Few Lighter Ones Spread Out On My Body. Most Of These Are From Childhood As I Suffered Badly With Chicken Pox. As An Adult I’ve Tried So Many Products To Lighten These Spots Especially On My Legs Which I Never Show. This Is Affecting My Personal Life. I Am Too Embarrassed To Show My Legs, I End Up Going To The Beach In Long Dresses And Never Swim. Please Can You Advise If There Is Any Treatment I Can Have Done To Minimise The Appearence Of These Marks. I Have Heard About Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs To Cover These Ugly Spots But I Am Looking For A More Permanent Solution. I Have Not Shown My Legs Since High School As I Remember Being Stared At And Poked Fun At. PLEASE HELP!! Leigh-ann

Dear Doctor, I have dark spots on my legs and a few lighter ones spread out on my body. Most of these are from childhood as I suffered badly with chicken pox. As an adult I've tried so many products to lighten these spots especially on my legs which I never show. This is affecting my personal life. I am too embarrassed to show my legs, I end up going to the beach in long dresses and never swim. Please can you advise if there is any treatment I can have done to minimise the appearence of these marks. I have heard about Sally Hansen airbrush legs to cover these ugly spots but I am looking for a more permanent solution. I have not shown my legs since high school as I remember being stared at and poked fun at. PLEASE HELP!! Leigh-ann


Dear Leigh-Ann. Thanks so much for your query. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with this for so long. I would really, really like to help you. Is there any way that you are close enough to one of our Skin Renewal Branches for us to try and take a look at you and give you the assistance you need? I’ll be perfectly honest with you and say, that it is very difficult for me to tell you what to do in a case like this if I haven’t actually seen exactly what we’re dealing with. The truth of the matter is that the white spots could very well be scars from your chicken pox and we would handle that quite differently from hypo-pigmentation spots. As far as the dark spots are concerned, we need to see how deep they are, how dark they are and we need to ascertain the cause of these to be able to prescribe an appropriate treatment. You are quite right in saying that you could go for spray tanning as temporary covering during the summer months, that is certainly an option, but I can completely understand that you would rather want the problem sorted out. The very first thing I’m going to advise is that you try to get yourself Lamelle’s Ovelle tablets and start taking those, so that we can get your skin as healthy as possible (read up on the effects of Pycnogenol on the skin, you can even have a look at Lamelle’s website for this). Please also make sure that you are getting that leg area properly hydrated in preparation for treatment, so use a good, active body lotion, something like Skin Medica’s TNS Body Lotion; or Neostrata’s Lotion plus. Then let’s get you onto the appropriate treatment for your legs. We may have to consider some chemical resurfacing and laser for the dark spots. The light spots, as I said, we need to be 100% sure of what they are before deciding on a course of action. If you are NOT close enough to one of our branches, please will you contact me again so we can come up with a better plan to try and help you (you may need to consider sending me some pictures of the area so I can try and help you that way? If you are willing to consider this?)

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  1. Good afternoon . I am looking for a cream that can remove dark spot marks , my brother is living with this for a long time , he is living a fear life he doesn’t have confidence anymore.
    I would highly appreciate anything that can help him.
    Thank you in advance.

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