Question: Dear Dr Allem I Hope You Are The Right Person To Answer My Question. I Am Sick And Tired Of Shaving And Body Hair Growth. But I Am On A Budget. I Am Considering Buying A No-No Hair Removal Device. Is It As Safe And Effective As It Is Claimed To Be? Thank You For Your Help. Marize

Dear Dr Allem I hope you are the right person to answer my question. I am sick and tired of shaving and body hair growth. But I am on a budget. I am considering buying a No-No hair removal device. Is it as safe and effective as it is claimed to be? Thank you for your help. Marize


Hi there Marize. Thanks very much for your enquiry. You need to bear in mind that any treatment or device that is sold over the counter to the public has to fall within “the safe zone” in terms of possible reactions or injury that could come with using it at home. So to be perfectly honest, you cannot compare a device or a treatment that you can easily buy over the counter to the medical devices and products that are available these days. If budget is really a concern for you, my advice is not to go and spend your money on something that could turn out to be another disappointment. Why don’t you rather take a few months, save your money, and spend it on having proper hair removal treatments with a medical laser.

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