Question: Dermemalen Maintance Cream

Hi I would like to start using Dermamelan Maintenance Cream.When shoul I apply it and what other skincare can I use with it. I see they say you should not use it with other depigmentations creams. What products would be safe to use with it. Lamelle's Dermaheal or Lamelle's Luminsense range would that be ok or not. Can you please help me. Kind Regards Rita


Hi there Rita. I can see you’ve done your homework, and that is great that you are well informed. Yes, you are quite right, Dermamelan should not just be used with anything. Generally we get quite good results of people using Lamelle as their homecare products while on the Dermamelan maintenance cream. PLEASE just bear this in mind: Dermamelan is a VERY potent homecare product. It is extremely active. It cannot just be bought and used without you seeing a doctor and having them make sure you are a good candidate to be on this product, and for them to explain exactly how it is to be used in your particular case. So they really do have to have a close look at your skin to be able to give you the correct guidance. PLEASE do not just buy and use this cream without the correct instruction for YOUR particular skin. Are you close enough to one of our Skin Renewal Branches so that we can help you with this? PLEASE also bear in mind that if you do not follow the usage protocols diligently, you can actually do more damage than good. Sun protection and the use of a potent, non-irritating sunblock is also extremely essential.

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