Question: Do Anti-ageing Creams Work On Thical Skin?

Do anti-ageing creams work on thical skin?


Thank-you so much for this question. I’m sure many people out there are wondering the very same thing. And the answer is YES, absolutely. Where you need to be very cautious with your particular skin type is when it comes to treatments (especially light therapies and lasers and peels), AND you need to be cautious with using harsh products such as soaps and scrubs. The other myth that is common amongst people with darker skin types is that “you don’t have to be as careful in the sun as lighter skins”, that is absolutely untrue and in fact you are MORE at risk when exposed to direct sunlight because of your pigmentation. So, to be most effective, you need a good gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh alkali’s and soaps, you need an active anti-ageing moisturizer or an active anti-oxidant product (or a combination of these), Have a look at the Dermaheal and Nourish ranges by Lamelle. Or have a look at Skin Ceuticals. Then it is imperative that you use really good sun protection DAILY. So have a look at the Heliocare Range, because you want something that is going to give you excellent sun protection without leaving you looking shiny, oily and pasty-white. Then when you’ve got your skin accustomed to your new regime, you can start adding active serums for your specific skin concerns. If you are considering treatments, make sure you are going to a reputable medical aesthetics Doctor to analyze and set up an appropriate treatment plan for you and they will put you with the best therapist to carry out that treatment plan. But to answer your initial question, yes there are most definitely fantastic anti-ageing options out there for you!

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