Question: Do Hair Placentas Really Work And Which Brand Would You Suggest?

Do hair placentas really work and which brand would you suggest?


Hi Rochelle!

I am a big believer in Salon Professional products because the technology has been researched for many years and is proven to work. The molecules of off the shelf products are too big to penetrate the hair and the Ph is always to high, hence the price difference between the two.
This is what I got off Wikipedia:
"At least three companies currently sell hair or skin treatments which contain extracts of animal placenta.[1] The most common type of placenta used is sheep. Allegedly the placenta extract serves as a source of protein and hormones, predominantly estrogen and progesterone in the cosmetics in which it is used. Data on the exact purpose of the placenta extract is not well documented and difficult to find. In fact there is a definite sense that manufacturers avoid claiming that it does anything particularly." 
I wouldnt recommend any of these products.
I can recommend REDKEN Extreme Shampoo (R210) and Conditioner (R242), which is a great boost of Protein (strength) for the hair.
The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is also a great treatment for the hair.
Good luck!
MIRRORS hair lab.

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