Question: Do I need a toner?

Hi Dr. Maureen Allem, My daily routine consists of facewash and moisturising cream which I use in the morning and every evening. I have combination skin type but the Johnsons Oil Control brand I am using I am very happy with. I want to know if I should also use a toner? What does a toner do? What are the skincare benefits of using it? Can you recommend one suitable for my skin type please? Thank you in advance!


My question to you would be WHY do you want to use a toner? If you are happy with the products you are using and your skin looks and feels healthy, then what is your reasoning for wanting to include a toner? A toner is only really useful if it serves a specific purpose in your skincare routine. For example, some toners contain mild AHA’s which are both exfoliating and mildly moisturising. Some toners contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, so they are good if you are battling with skin sensitivity. So it really depends on WHY you wish to include a toner in the first place?


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