Question: Do You Have Any Make-up Tips On How To Look Good In Pictures? I Always Look Whitewashed And I Don’t Use Loads Of Make-up! Should I Avoid Powder?

Do you have any make-up tips on how to look good in pictures? I always look whitewashed and I don't use loads of make-up! Should I avoid powder?


Hi Clara

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get a perfect picture look:

Apply a primer. This evens out the skin tone, and makes a great base for your foundation. 
Use a concealer. Cover areas that are dark, such as circles under the eyes and dark spots on the face.
Follow with your foundation, starting from the top, working down towards the neck.
DO use powder, it will stop your skin from giving a "shine" and looking oily. 
BRONZER- this is where you’re probably going wrong and making your mistake. if you look at the picture of myself on my profile, you will see how the cheekbones and jawline look more defined. This is all due to bronzer! My dont-live-without piece of make up . if you’re fair in complexion, you need a bronzer thats a shade darker than your skin. Apply it under the cheekbones, and on the outside edges of your forehead down to your jawline. The centre of the forehead, nose and chin should not have bronzer.
Blush. Cream blush is my favourite, this is also going to add colour to your face. apply this above your cheek bones (smile, and the section under your eyes are the "apples" of your cheeks. apply the blush here and blend up towards the hairline.
Use a great liquid or gel liner and mascara. 
Finish off with a lip balm in a red and dab just a small dot of red lip colour over it, the colour should not be a bold red, rather just a hint of red that makes it seem like that is your natural lip colour. 

Good luck, and send us a picture for us to see how amazing you look!

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