Question: Do You Have Any Tips On How I Can Keep Make-up On? Touch-ups Aren’t Always An Option And I’ve Tried The Cheapest To The Most Expensive Shadows, They All Seem To Disappear After An Hour Or So.

Do you have any tips on how I can keep make-up on? Touch-ups aren't always an option and I've tried the cheapest to the most expensive shadows, they all seem to disappear after an hour or so.


Think of your face as a canvas that you will be using your make-up to perform a beautiful work of art on….No artist can work on a dirty canvas now can they?
A basic three-step cleansing system, accompanied by a gentle scrub would make a dramatic impact on the longevity of your make-up.

Also remember that no builder can build a house without the perfect foundation. Therefore the next steps are Foundation, Concealer, Powder.

Foundation applied over the whole face will create an even canvas to work on.
Concealer will hide the imperfections that the foundation doesn’t. (A great tip is to put the concealer over the whole eye area – it definitely makes the eyeshadow last longer) and last, but not least, Powder. This is used to leave your skin looking matt and essentially make your make-up last longer.

Have Fun Experimenting

Remember….Stay Beautiful….Indulge Yourself

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