Question: Does Plastic Surgery Speed Up Ageing Process?

I have read alot about plastic surgery actually speeding up the ageing process in the long term. my question is whether certain intense treatments and procedures such as chemical peels and resurfacing will have a similar effect?


This is an excellent question! My answer is absolutely not! Treatments such as chemical resurfacing, laser resurfacing, medical needling etc, in fact do exactly the opposite, in that they encourage the skin to respond naturally to a controlled stimulus or “injury”, if you will, which encourages the skin to actually strengthen itself by producing more of its own collagen and elastin. So in fact, these procedures help to “slow down” the ageing process. What you need to understand is that the skin is going to age naturally, and the ageing process is sped up by our lifestyle and lack of treating and maintaining our skins appropriately, and of course the lack of sun protection. So if you could strike a balance between treatment procedures, appropriate home care and sun protection, you’re well on your way to ageing more gracefully.

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