Question: Does Water Intake Help With Cellulite?

Does water intake help with cellulite?


Increasing your water intake will certainly help with flushing and detoxing. Detoxing will certainly help you with treating cellulite, but you have to remember that taking in more water is only a very small piece of the recipe. You have to look at your diet, your lifestyle and making sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Even then, you’ll find that this isn’t going to “cure” your condition. We are so exposed to pollution, and all sorts of preservatives and things that cause toxins in our systems that you need to make sure you’re going for treatments and using products that will assist you in this. Using a good active product like Patricia Clarke gel and going for regular lymphatic drainage treatments or if you have the means, going for Radio Frequency treatments such as Vela Shape and Accent, and even Carboxy therapy are all really great options.

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