Question: Dr.Haushka, Balm Balm And Many Other Brands Believe That There Is No ‘skin Types’ But Rather ‘skin Conditions’. This Is Confusing To Me Since I’ve Always Been Asked ‘what Is Your Skin Type?’ When Choosing A Cleanser, Serum Or Even Foundation. What Are Your Thoughts On This Matter?

Dr.Haushka, Balm Balm and many other brands believe that there is no 'skin types' but rather 'skin conditions'. This is confusing to me since I've always been asked 'what is your skin type?' when choosing a cleanser, serum or even foundation. What are your thoughts on this matter?


I find myself giggling because this is SUCH a brilliant question. There are so many different thoughts on what a “skin type” is, and to be perfectly honest, yes, it’s confusing as hell! So let me just explain the basic difference in the methods I use. When I talk about a skin type, I’m referring to something called “the Fitzpatrick scale” ie your skin type classification according to your skin’s colour and sensitivity to the sun. This scale is divided into six basic skin types ranging from number one’s who are fair, and blonde and burn easily in the sun, to number six’s who are extremely dark and “never burn”. In my mind that is a skin type, and that information is also very important to know when choosing your products and treatments, because we cannot treat light and dark skins in the same way. Then there are your skin conditions. Those would be your dry skin, or problematic break-out prone skins, or skins that are extremely reactive or sensitive to everything… and the list goes on. I hope that helps, and answers your question.

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