Question: Dry Skin

With all the strange weather here in JHB lately, my skin has become so dry over night. I use a good moisturiser (Eucerin) but am finding it hard to keep my skin supple. Also, applying make-up seems to make the problem worse. Any tips?


Thanks so much for your enquiry. It is not uncommon for the skin to change with the seasons, and many of our patients need to change their products or add certain things to their regime to help their skins cope with the drying effects of the winter season. Many of patients get away with simply adding a hydrating serum to their regime during the winter months, others battle with severe dryness and then we need to look at completely changing their moisturizer. If you would prefer to stay within the skin care range that you are currently using, I would go back to whoever prescribed your current range and find out if that product house has a richer moisturizer or serum you can use during the winter months to help you make up for the insult that the winter weather inflicts on your skin. You will find that if you wear make up that is very “powdery”, these do tend to dry the skin even more, so you may need to consider wearing liquid foundation or wearing less powders.

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