Question: Dry Vs Dehydrated

Hi Dr Maureen, it is September now & the skin on my face has visibly improved, it is no longer flaking or dry, but I cannot seem to get the skin on my body in sync it’s dry & flaky & itches(sometimes with a burning sensation). I read this info (which helped my face) on how to treat it here: my back has gotten worse & the eczema marks are bad, how can hydrate & treat the dryness on my whole body? I smear everything more than once a day but it does not stay hydrate/moisturized.


Thank you for your question. You need to remember that the skin on your face is quite different to the skin on your body. It sounds to me like your skin on the body s quite sensitive and quite reactive. If this is the case there is really only one product that I have seen and had great results from, and that is Neostrata’s Problem Dry Skin Cream. It is fantastic and quite affordable and last long (and you wont need to smear everything more than once a day!).

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