Question: During Summer My Freckles Tend To Get Quite Dark And It Bothers Me Alot And I End Up Caking On Foundation To Hide It! Is There Any Product Or Home Remedy You Can Recommend To Lighten Freckels Or Even Make Them Dissapear?

During summer my freckles tend to get quite dark and it bothers me alot and I end up caking on foundation to hide it! Is there any product or home remedy you can recommend to lighten freckels or even make them dissapear?


This is a really great question! Thank-you for your enquiry. If your freckles are genetic, I’m afraid the chances of making them disappear completely are really slim. We can certainly help you manage the pigmentation and help you to lighten them and keep them under control. There are a few habits you will need to adopt. The first is to ensure that you wear a DAILY braod spectrum sun protection product. I can reccommend the products from Heliocare, Skin Ceuticals and Skin Medica with absolute confidence. I would then also suggest a powerful product to suppress pigmentation production, such as Lumixyl. Lastly, you should be using a day and night product that will look after, moisturise nourish and protect your skin and work on the existing pigmentation. I would suggets powerful anti-oxidants during the day, such as the Phloretin CF serum from Skin Ceuticals or the Nourish Revitalise cream from Lamelle, and then at night a product containing retinoids such as Skin Medica’s Tri Retinol Complex or Skin Ceuticals’ Retinol 0,3 or Lamelle’s Evening Glow.

It’s not necesary to start EVERYTHING at once, you can build yourself up slowly, one product per month until you’re on everything you need. I hope that this has been helpful.

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