Question: Environ Or Dermalogica ?

Dear DR Maureen. I want to ask your advice.I have to choose between Environ skincare and dermalogica skincare.Unfortunately i can't afford dermalogica products anymore.Its very expensive. I went for Environ DF facials and i love it so so much, i also looked at the environ range and i couldn't believe how affordable it was.I am thinking of leaving dermalogica products and start using environ. The thing is i have a lot of pigmentation and i know environ contains a lot of powerful vitamins and retinol and environ products really help with pigmentation. Can you please tell me in your opinion which product is the best? My skin is very very important to me and i want to look after it with the best products even if they are expensive. Nothing against the brand but can you tell me which one would you choose? I dont think dermalogica products will help me with my pigmentation problems, i am using their chromawhite but to be honest i dont really see any results and its really expensive. i am using dermalogica products for 6 months now.i dont want to pay a high price if there's better products on the market but way cheaper.Can you please help? Thank you.


Thank-you for your enquiry. You have actually answered your own question. Both of these products are really good, BUT you need to use what is working on YOU and giving you the best results for your particular concern. So if Environ is targeting your pigmentation and giving you good results and you are happy with the product then that is absolutely great. You can always include a serum or addtional products from another brand to combine with your Environ to just "fill in the gaps" where your skin may require a bit more assistance.

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