Question: Exercises For Legs

Good day I got very big strong calves,but i would like to tone it a bit what would be best exercises?I am short and yes i know genes play a big part. Its just really bad.


 Hi Magda!

I’m not a fan of the word ‘toning’, as it is deceptive. You can either lose weight or gain muscle, and a combination of both is usually what makes one look ‘toned’. Whilst calf shape is genetic and one of the hardest body parts to alter, there are still some ways in which you can promote leaner legs and slimmer calves.

– Firstly, create a calorie deficit. If you ae wanting to lose mass on your calves, you hopefully have weight to lose elsewhere as well. This means that a calorie deficit will hopefully bring you some positive results. Whilst I don’t usually promote medium-intensity cardio as it can often break down lean muscle mass (which you should always want), cardio of over 45 minutes could help slim down your tricky calf area. This is risky though, and you then need to include well-structured strength training sessions in the week to build up your precious muscle mass all over the body, leaving out the calves.

– Then, work on building up your upper leg muscles to create balance with your calves. Skip compound moves that work the calves as well, and rather focus on isolated exercises specifically targeting the upper leg. Spinning, cycling and up-hill running should be kept to a minimum.

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