Question: Exercising With Heavy Periods?

I suffer from very heavy periods and feel very dizzy, weak and light-headed when I exercise on the first or second day of my period. I makes me feel dreadful and I love exercising! What can I do to combat this?


Whilst the symptoms of menstruation can make exercise feel difficult or effortful, you are not at risk. In fact, exercising can help make your period more manageable, decreasing many unpleasant symptoms. Unless your doctor has advised against it, consider it perfectly safe to exercise. If you struggle with lower back pain, bloating and stomach pain during this time, perhaps avoid strength training of your back and core during the days where it is at its worst. Some yoga practitioners will want you to steer clear of inverted poses during a woman’s period, but others will maintain that there is no harm in these poses. Exercise in general though, is advised.

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