Question: Facewash

Is it worth investing in an expensive facewash, or will any cheaper drug store brand do? I'm on the Pill and antibiotics for my skin, but am looking for something to keep the hormonal surface spots away. :) Thanks


Well, you’re actually stuck with two concerns here. A face wash is not going to help you control your "hormonal spots". Obviously it is vital to wash your face every day and no, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use a very expensive cleanser. Provided you’re not using a cleanser that is very soapy and very alkaline. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, safe option, I reccommend Cetaphil cleanser. As far as your spots go,  your cleanser is not going to have a HUGE influence in treating this. I would highly reccommend a spot treatment to just put on your spots as they come up. Something like Lamelle’s active control gel (which is also very affordable).

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