Question: Facial Exercises To Reduce Wrinkles

HI, I recently read an article about facial exercises that can help reduce the likliness of getting severe wrinkles as well as not smoking and keeping hydrated. The only problem is that they didn't mention what type of facial exercises, nor how often to do them or any information about them. What facial exercises would you suggest and how and when should I fit them into my skin care rutine? Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for your question. Keeping well hydrated, avoiding smoking, avoiding too much sun exposure, wearing sun protection every day are all really great ways to avoid pre-mature aging. I have read quite a few articles on facial exercise, but as you say, few of them give you any direct guidelines. The idea, from what I can gather, is to spend 3-5mins every evening just moving and tensing and basically making as many different "contracted" facial expressions as you can (ie. moving and tightening the facial muscles as much as possible). Up to a point I can understand the thinking behind this if someone is generally suffering with lax muscles all over the face, BUT in a lot of cases, wrinkles are in fact formed by some muscles being TOO TIGHT. This is why we use Botox, to relax those muscles so that they don’t stay contracted and cause those deep furrows and frowns (EG between the brows; or the lines across the forehead). So personally, I think in some cases, over exercising the facial muscles could in fact cause more lines, if you are exercising an area that is already "too contracted".

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