Question: Facial Marks

hello ek soek raad oor hoe om my gesig skoon en beter te laat lyk ek sukkel erg met rooi merke en puisies. hoop Dr kan my raad gee asb. ek is so medium bruin mar blanke dame.


It sounds to me like you are battling with a very sensitised skin. As a result of this, you are getting redness and breakouts and more than likely, your barrier is not functioning properly. So it’s a bit of a viscious circle. So what we need to do is fix the barrier and get your skin’s sensitivity to just calm down. Once we have got that under control and your skin is less reactive, we can slowly start introducing the right products to deal with any uneven skin tone and marks and spots that you have remaining on your skin. So I suggest you have a look at going on to Lamelle’s Serra Range for at least 2 months. That will sort out your barrier function and calm the skin down. Once we’ve got that sorted, you need to contact me again to let me know if there are any marks or dark patches left on your skin (by the old break outs), and if you need me to start helping you to introduce active products to help boost and maintain your skin’s texture and colour. You can get the Lamelle products from any Skin Renewal, and you can locate your nearest Branch on

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