Question: Fats & Oils

Hi Lisa i was browsing the net & came across the coconut oil diet,it requires a tablespoon of coconut oil be taken daily, i also saw that Kourtney Kardashian drinks ghee every morning. i suffer from eczema & wanted to try it, which oils will be good & how much is the recomended daily amount of oil/fat a female should use?


Hi Andrea, remember you don’t need a diet as such to include healthier fats into your diet. Personally, coconut oil is the only oil I cook with, as it does not break down into unhealthy fats when heated, like most other oils. Substituting unhealthy oils for this healthier one would be more effective than keeping your diet the same and simply adding extra coconut oil or ghee into it. Fats to include are coconut oil, raw olive oil, avocados, organic nut butters, raw nuts and seeds and fish. Keeping a balanced pH diet in general will also help, as bacteria spreads more easily in an overly-acidic environment. Also invest in a really good antifungal topical cream. ‘Bee Natural’ products have proven to have excellent results when applied to eczema, diabetic sores and other similar ailments.

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