Question: Fine Dry Pimples On Face

i have dry sky all through the year however it is accompanied by a faint rash of dried up pimples on my face? what could be the problem?


Over-dry skins often present with these fine little pimples that you are describing. Simply put, your skin is over-dry due to it’s barrier being to damaged and too fragile to retain any moisture. So what you need to do is stop all harsh soaps, lotions and creams that you are on and let’s get the skin’s barrier repaired and working and then you can think about incorporating more active products once the skin has normalised. So you need to get yourself on to Lamelle’s Serra Range. It’s a very simple, basic affordable raneg of products that concentrates on restoring normal barrier function. I would do that for a period of about 8 – 12 months, and then start incorporating more active products again.These products are available at all our SKin Renewal Branches country wide, we would be happy to assist you in getting what you need. Please feel free to look us up

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