Question: For Awhile Now, I’ve Been Getting A Colour Placement, Cut And Blow-dry At An Upmarket Salon In Bedfordview For About R600. 3 Months Back, In A Rush And Unable To Get An Appointment, I Went To Another Salon Where They Did The EXACT Job For R150. The Quality Seems Exactly The Same To Me. How Do Some Salons Justify This Exorbitant Difference In Price??

For awhile now, I've been getting a colour placement, cut and blow-dry at an upmarket salon in Bedfordview for about R600. 3 months back, in a rush and unable to get an appointment, I went to another salon where they did the EXACT job for R150. The quality seems exactly the same to me. How do some salons justify this exorbitant difference in price??


Hey Shakira, unfortunately as with every business out there, there are overheads to cover, salaries, product expenses, extras that benefit the client like beverages that are served while you wait, really nice magazines and really nice products that get used at the basins. I can tell you from experience that you don’t always get these at every salon and sometimes as a client you might find it odd that the same luxuries aren’t present at all salons. Every one wants their salon to be the best it can be and some prefer to spend less and make more even if it means you get a lesser quality of product or benefit. So a good way to look at it is to judge the quality of the service rather than the quality of your hair when you leave.

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