Question: Foundation

Hi, I struggle to find a proper foundation for my skin, I start using something new and within a week or two my skin either starts being very dry and flaky or very oily. Is there something I can do during my cleaning regime to help with a smooth appearance of foundation? Thank you



Are you exfoliating in between? What does your cleansing regime include exactly. Wat it shoukd involve is a cleanser, toner, mask every 3 days and then a weekly exfoliate if your are using make up on a daily basis. You should also be using a moisture rich after care cream to counter balance the use of all the cleasing agents you are using and make sure that you give you skin a break every now and then by going without make up once ina while every week. Its important to also make sure that you have no allergies because alot of the make up houses use the same ingredients and something in there could be triggering your allergies cause your skin to react negatively to your make up.

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