Question: From Caythe

I've been struggling with pimples/acne for years now and my skin is also becoming dryer. Are tissue oils recommended for people with acne? Don't they collect dirt?


Thank you for your question Caythe. Basically, you’re asking me three questions here, so I will start with the easiest. Firstly, do Tissue oils collect Dirt? No Tissue oils certainly do not collect dirt. However, if you have an oil or ANY product on your skin and you expose your skin to an unhygienic, dusty or dirty environment, then your skin will certainly have been contaminated, yes. Next question, was whether or not tissue oils are recommended for oily/acne skins. It’s really not a good idea to apply oil to an area where the skin is already producing excess oil. Applying a Tissue oil certainly isn’t going to improve your acne in any way. The last issue you raised was the fact that you have been struggling with your skin and acne for years. If this is the case, then I would highly recommend that you see one of our Doctors to try and help you. It is important to understand that Acne is not just related to the skin. While it manifests on the skin, it very often has an internal trigger, so it’s not simply a case of just applying some products to fix it. Are you close to one of our branches? We would love to assist you. You can find your nearest branch on

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