Question: From Galennelwe Rosebud Tsikwe-Tsoai

Good day, Dr I have a problem with hyperpigmentation. Can you recommend something to use on my face? Secondly, I have burns from a fire on my hands and legs, so I would also like to ask you what can I do to remove the scars. Lastly, my hair is thinning and I am having a hairline. Please help me correct my hair too.


Thank you so much for your enquiry. I am so sorry to hear that you have to deal with scarring and burns. I would love to assist you. Essentially there are three very different issues here and it’s not always to try and treat too many things at once. So my advice would be to simply start with the problem that most worries you. Pigmentation, we have to first figure out if the pigmentation is deep or superficial and we have to do the necessary investigations to find out what caused it so that we can work on treating the cause rather than the symptom. Scarring, I would need to examine the scarring… as there are different treatments used for different types of scars. Are they raised, or keloid or are they deep and indented, or maybe a combination of scars? Hair thinning, is most often either due to an illness OR an internal imbalance related to hormones (for example), again, treating the cause requires identifying what that cause is, and to do so requires examination and some testing. Are you close enough to any of our branches to come and see me or one of my colleagues so that we can assist you?

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