Question: From Jaymi Van Zyl

Hi there Dr. So I have been on Yasmin for a while until I started spotting irregularly and my GP changed my over to Minesse. He said I could be needing more estrogen and that it was normal, it has taken me two months to actually get my period on Minesse, and it is extremely painful. This was the reason I went on the pill; because of suffering extreme pain and nausea. I am not sure if I have a hormone imbalance or if my hormones are being odd. I am 23 years old and I am scared it could be something more. I have anxiety and have been on meds for 1 year now which are really helping but with a odd period, they seem to increase. I genuinely cannot afford blood tests, etc right now but I have a feeling it will be needed. Do you have any advice for me? Feel like I'm not making much sense here haha. Thank you in advance Dr!


Firstly, I completely agree with your GP in that the spotting may be caused by a lack of Estrogen. However, I am not a fan of synthetic hormones as they do tend to suppress your natural hormonal production. This, in the long run, messes with your hormones and it often leads to difficulties in future to restore your nature hormonal cycle. Because your natural hormone production is suppressed, you will need more synthetic hormones over time. I hope this answers your question. Women are often faced with mood changes and anxiety when natural hormone levels drop.

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