Question: From Madry Jantjies

Im 32 and can't stop breaking out... I know im not suppose to pop or scratch scabs but i can't help it. Clinique anti blemish use to work wonders but it's so worse now. At the moment im on a tablet and cream and face wash bt still no luck after a month.. 😭


Good day, I am sorry to hear about your concern. It is never nice to still struggle with breakouts and acne lesion at you age. Breakout or acne lesions seems like a topical skin problem, but they are actually systemically driven or triggered. Gut dysbiosis (imbalance between your good and bad bacteria), leaky gut syndrome and hormones , just to name a few, can all be the cause behind the reoccurring breakouts and unless you find the trigger, it will keep coming back. Although topical intervention such as in clinic treatments and home care products are a must, we need to investigate systemically to figure out what the actual cause is. From a skincare or topical perspective I would recommend Lamelle Clarity range. This range consist of a face wash, day and night cream as well as a spot treatment. It also contains an oral tablet called Acnevelle, that has been known to elevated the inflammation and the spread of the bacteria. Please visit to find out more about the homecare products. In clinic treatments such as chemical peels (especially Beta peels and Azelaic peels ) are excellent for increasing your cellular turnover to get the congestions out as well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial. Laser Genesis is a non invasive laser treatment that will decrease the inflammation in the skin as well as improve any textural irregularities. These treatments can be combined with several other treatments, such as carboxy therapy and PDT, to ensure we get the best results.  I would recommend that you come in and see one of our Medical Doctors, to assess your skin, find the trigger or the cause and then recommend a suitable home care and in clinic treatment plan for you.

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