Question: From Sadia Omar

Hello, I have relatively normal skin but then closer to my menstrual cycle I have these breakouts could you please recommend a good cleanser, to help combat it. I use a tea tree lotion and mask and that helps but I need a cleanser too. Also, I find my skin looking a bit tanned and dull is there a mask that can lighten and brighten then skin?


Hi there Sadia. I think in your case, the trigger for your breakouts is hormonal. Unfortunately, no cleanser is going to be able to sort that out for you. If you are simply looking at managing the breakouts when they happen, then I highly recommend Lamelle’s clarity cleanser and the clarity active control as a spot treatment to just put on the spots when they occur. For your skin tone issue, I would recommend the use of an excellent SPF on a daily basis, such as Heliocare 360, and also the use of a tyrosinase inhibitor to stop the darkening from happening. If you feel your skin is very dull and not looking healthy, why don’t you consider having a superficial chemical peel once a month to speed up the skin cell turnover and improve your tone and texture?



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