Question: From Shannon 1997 Govender

Hi my question for today is regarding stretch marks and uneven skin tone . Being a young woman I struggle with the agony of stretch marks on my thighs which prevents me from confidently wearing bikinis . Not only are there stretch but the skin in that region of my body is darker than there rest of my body . I have tried exfoliating ,scrubs and tissue oil to try and make it less noticeable but to no avail .


Thank you for your question, Shannon. While moisturising and nourishing the skin like you have is very helpful, unfortunately doing this is more helpful with stretch mark prevention than what it is with treating existing stretch marks. You need to bear in mind that a stretch mark is a tear in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin), so topical products do not really have an effect on repairing these tears. You need to think of a stretch mark like special type of scar. A moisturising or nourishing cream or an oil will not really take away scarring. If you wish to target the marks and remodel the dermis, this requires intervention with treatments such as needling and carboxytherapy. Have a look here for some more info:

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