Question: From Tamzyn Hercules

Hi, I have digestive and heartburn problems any advice, please?


Thank you for your question Tamsyn. It’s a little bit difficult to help you in this type of forum without any more information. There are a whole host of factors that come into play with something like this. For example, how old are you? Have you had this problem for a long time or is it recent? Does it flare up with a certain food or with everything? Have you undergone any surgery in the past year that may have affected the digestive system? DO you or have you ever had ulcers? Are you on any medications (as some meds to affect the pH of the stomach). Issues like these require a fair bit of investigation. Any chance you can come and see me or one of my colleagues at Health Renewal for a consultation so that we can investigate and assist you in the right way? 

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