Question: From which age should one start anti-ageing products?

From which age should one start anti-ageing products?


Thank you very much for your question. The simple answer is to start to use product specific to the concerns you see the minute you become aware of an issue. Up until that time, it is imperative to use preventative and protective products to keep your skin in a good condition for as long as possible. Every person should at the very least be using,  good moisturiser (preferably containing very good antioxidants) for the day, as well as a very good SPF. And at night we should be doing the very basics, ie using a good retinoid product and a good hydrating product. In addition to this, it is also advisable to go for a monthly facial to give that skin a good boost every 28 days or so. Once you start to see the signs of ageing beginning on your skin, be it that you are starting to notice the start of fine lines or maybe that your skin tone is not as even anymore, then we need to start adding specific products and treatments to target those particular concerns. So, is there a specific age? No there isn’t. The minute you become aware that your skin is starting to show the signs of ageing, then we can start to incorporate products into your skin care routine that will treat the concerns that you see.

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