Question: General Fitness Enquiry

Hi Lisa Is doing 30 minutes of exercise daily an absolute must? After a long & tiring day at the office, I find it hard to meet my exercise quota each day. What tips or advice do you have for quick & easy exercising daily? Nicole


Hi Nicole,

When it comes to training, choose quality over quantity. The standard requirements on the fitness front are usually a minimum of 60 minutes of cardio a week, coupled with a mnimum of 2 strength sessions, over 20-30 minutes each. If you’re training in a hurry, 20 minutes of intense exercise 3 times a week is all you need:

Strength sessions: Compound exercises are multi-jointed movements, while isolation exercises only use one. If you’re pressed for time, compound exercises are responsible for greater calorie burns during sessions as well as increasing lean muscle tissue at a greater rate, therefore improving your resting metabolism. practise compound Keep in mind that this is general advice, since I don’t know your specific fitness goals.

Cardio: Switch up your usual run with 20 seconds of sprinting followed by 60 seconds of jogging or walking. Repeat these intervals 15-20 times each session. As you progress the 20 secs can become 30-40 secs and the rests can reduce to 20- 30 secs.

Keep in mind that this is generic training advice, and not tailored to meet specific goals.

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